Places of Pride API

Places of Pride API and open data

We have developed an API application programming interface (API) which contains key data for the war memorials recorded of the Places of Pride website. We have done this so that the data collected about war memorials across Australia can be viewed and re-used by government agencies and the public. The Places of Pride database includes a wide range of war memorials including cenotaphs, honour rolls, avenues of honour and memorial buildings.

Information about the API

The following data is available in either JSON, XML or CSV file format: 

  • Memorial name               
  • Latitude              
  • Longitude           
  • Conflicts              
  • Memorial type 
  • Theme/s             
  • Dedication Date               
  • Date Built           
  • Memorial Designer

Register for access 

We have a registration process to access the API. To register email with your name and organisation.

OpenAPI specification

Below is the API specification.

Swagger spec