Submitting a photograph of a memorial

Submitting a photograph of a memorial

This guide will help you submitting a photograph. It will also help you in deciding what types of photos to upload. 

Every war memorial on the Places of Pride website has it's own page and gallery of photos, videos and stories.


Please read our guidelines and policies before adding to the website

Please make sure you are following our guidelines and policies before adding to the Places of Pride website. 

You should read:

What type of photos can be submitted to a war memorial page?

You should add photographs of the war memorial, including:

  • The memorial including the top and base
  • Images showing different parts of the memorial
  • Historical before/after changes
  • Individual plaques and inscriptions
  • Commemorative services at the memorial location

Photographs - technical specifications 

At a minimum: 

  • Photos should be 600x600 pixels each (about the size of a post-it note)
  • Must be in a digital format (png; gif; jpg; jpeg)
  • Must be of reasonable quality (not be blurry, have adequate lighting)

At a maximum:

  • Photographs can be up to 50mb each
  • There is no pixel resolution limit

How to add a photo

  1.        Log in into your account. If you do not have one, create an account. 
  2.        Search for the memorial on the homepage and navigate to the memorial page
  3.        On the memorial page, click ‘add a photo’
  4.        Follow the submission form to add a relevant photo
  5.        Your photo will be approved by the Places of Pride and appear on the memorial page.

Before your photos are published

All photos are checked by the Places of Pride team before appearing on the website.

Our Moderation Policy provides more information. 


Photos on war memorial pages

  • All approved photos are displayed in the gallery on the memorial page
  • Photos are also displayed in each user’s profile where they are able to see the moderation process
  • Photographs are displayed and attributed to your display name
  • If you wish, you may submit a photograph to display as ‘anonymous’

Images can also be displayed as the cover image of the war memorial. Cover photos are the images that sit up the top of the memorial pages to represent the memorial

  • All images, including cover photos, are displayed in a gallery on the memorial page – so, don’t worry if your image isn’t at the top!