Submitting a war memorial


This guide will help you add a memorial to Places of Pride, the National Register of War Memorials. 

What is a war memorial?

Before you add to Places of Pride, check that what you want to add is a war memorial. 

A war memorial is any physical object, building or area that commemorates Australian military service in conflict and at times of peace.

Types of war memorials

There are many types of war memorials listed on Places of Pride, including:


  • Obelisk
  • Cenotaph
  • Sculpture
  • Gate
  • Stone
  • Wall
  • Clock
  • Flagpole
  • Fountain


  • Honour Board
  • Roll of Honour

Living memorials

  • Memorial Tree
  • Avenue of Honour
  • A Lone Pine

Community Buildings and Areas

  • Memorial Hall
  • Bowling Club
  • Memorial Swimming Pool
  • Memorial Garden

What isn’t a war memorial?

There are many military objects and places that are connected to Australia’s most significant conflicts, but not all of these are memorials.

Items of war, such as tanks and cannons, are often not memorials unless they commemorate a conflict, or a group of individuals that served. This is usually with a sign or plaque describing the commemoration.

These items are sometimes called ‘war trophies’ and were given to communities following conflicts.

Memorials added to Places of Pride should be accessible to the public.

Submit a war memorial if:

  • It is located within Australia
  • It commemorates Australian military service
  • It is not yet listed on Places of Pride
  • It is accessible to the public*

* Seek permission before submitting memorials, such as honour boards, in schools, churches and on private property.


Adding memorial information

To add a memorial, you need:

  • To log in or create a Places of Pride account
  • Click on 'Add a memorial'
  • Enter the name of the memorial
  • Enter the address, town or suburb
  • Move the map pin to the memorial location

You can also add other key information, such as:

  • Type of memorial
  • Conflicts commemorated
  • Date dedicated
  • Date built
  • Memorial designer

Once the memorial has been added you can:

  • Photographs of the memorial
  • Stories about the memorial

If the memorial fits the scope of Places of Pride, and is not yet included, please click the button below to begin the process of adding a memorial.

Submit a Memorial