Bridge Creek War Memorial

Maryborough Military & Colonial Museum

The bridge was funded and erected on a public road by Mr. and Mrs. L S Smith of nearby Mt Joseph Station who wished to make their own commemorative gesture during WWI.  It is a substantial wooden bridge over a small creek with a pair of sandstone piers at each end.  Leaded marble plates are fixed to the piers. A small commemorative stone cairn with metal plaque was later erected at the entry to the bridge by the Smith's son.

Recorded on one pier are the names of the 9 local fallen and the theatres of war.  On another pier are the names of the 38 local soldiers who returned from the war. The other piers record the dates when war was declared and peace proclaimed.

A plaque on a stone cairn at the end of the bridge reads:

"In Queensland this is the only bridge erected privately as a World War I Memorial. It was declared open by the Rev. James Hardingham. It was closed to traffic 16 June 1972. Tablet donated by Mt Joseph."

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