Brooweena War Memorial

Maryborough Military & Colonial Museum

Brooweena War Memorial is a marble and sandstone memorial honouring the thirty-nine local men who served during World War One including the ten who died. A later set of plates records the forty-three local men and women who served in the World War Two. The memorial was relocated to Woocoo Historical Museum site late 1992, adjacent to Pioneers Park.

 The strength of Brooweena’s patriotic support during World War One was remarkable and it funded an ambulance for France and has another memorial (the privately funded Bridge Creek bridge) south of the town at Gigoomgan. The size of the digger memorial is large in comparison to the size of the town. The origin of this digger memorial is unclear and the pedestal is of a style not found elsewhere in Queensland and the inscription is also considered to be unusual.

On fames eternal camping ground
Their silent tents are spread
Where glory guards with solemn around
The Bivouac of the Dead.

On the base of the pedestal another set of plates record and names of the 47 local men and women who served in WWII.

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