105th General Hospital Harvard Medical School U.S.A

Posted on 3 May 2019

In March 1942, 85 acres of the Gatton College's land and the majority of it's buildings were transferred to the United States Army. The 153rd Station Hospital, the first operational US Army hospital in Australia, occupied the site from March 15 until it departed for Port Moresby on July 10 1942. The 153rd was replaced at Gatton  on July 11 by the 105th General Hospital, which had arrived in Australia in early June 1942. 

The 105th operated from Gatton College until July 1944, as the primary military hospital supporting General Macarthur's South West Pacific campaign. Increasing numbers of the US casualties arrived during late 1942 and early 1943, with another large influx arriving in early 1944. The 105th had than moved to Biak Island in the Dutch East Indies. As well as treating nearly 19,000 patients, the 105th developed particular expertise in the treatment of injuries and illness in the tropics. 

The College had repossessed most of it's buildings in late 1944, but some were held until 1945 by the Australian Army as a Reserve Hospital. After the war, Gatton College continued to operate as both a secondary and tertiary institution until the high school section was closed in 1962. In 1990, the college merged with the University of Queensland. 

A cairn and plaque commemorate the use of the College by the United States Army 105th General Base Hospital, was erected opposite the main dining hall and was unveiled in 1968. In November 2004 the Remembrance Day service at the campus also commemorated the 60 years since the Americans departure, and a descendent of the original Lone Pine tree was planted near the Foundation Building. The plaque at the Gatton Collage Campus commemorates the occupation of the 105th General Hospital Harvard Medical School, U.S.A at Gatton College from 1942 to 1944, during World War Two.