Maryborough Albert State School War Memorial

Maryborough Military & Colonial Museum

An obelisk set on a stepped base carries a shield shaped plaque which lists 13 names out of alphabetical order. A further 30 names are on plaques on the sides of the memorial.  The memorial is on the path leading in from the main gate, just near the main entrance steps.

A scroll above the names reads "Albert School heroes who died for us during the Great War 1914-1919"

Albert State School in Maryborough opened in 1883 in a substantial new building designed by architect, Robert Ferguson, in a period when the town was undergoing major expansion and during the establishment of important institutions. As Maryborough grew, the school expanded to include other structures and landscape elements. The school has been in continuous operation since establishment and has long been a focus for the local community as a place for important social and cultural activity.

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