120,000 stars on the domed ceiling

Posted on 15 November 2018
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The monument is surrounded by 16 great buttresses, each topped by individual figures of men and women of the Australian Imperial Force, and constructed of New South Wales red granite.

Internally, the great circular Hall of Memory is superimposed upon a Hall of Silence where the central figure, a statue representing sacrifices, stands.

There are 120,000 stars on the domed ceiling which were sold during the Great Depression to members of the public for two shillings each in a massive fundraising effort to finish construction.

The building, designed by C Bruce Dellit, is a concrete structure clad in stone with sculptures by Raynor Hoff. Rayner Hoff was the major designer of the sculptures in this art deco monument of world significance. It is a superb example of the art deco style combined with fine sculpture in Hyde Park, Sydney.