Incorporating Fragments of original destroyed monument

Posted on 6 November 2018
Steven Holland Animals in war Memorial stainless steel, bronze, concrete and granite acquired under commission in 2009 ART93929. This memorial was unveiled on 21 May 2009 by the Hon. Alan Griffin MP, Minister for Veterans` Affairs. It commemorates those animals that served alongside Australians in all conflicts. Animals as diverse as horses, dogs, donkeys, camels and pigeons performed many essential duties, such as transport, tracking and carrying messages ; some also lived with the Australians as mascots or companions. To this day, animals continue to play an important role in the work of Australian armed forces. The memorial incorporates a bronze horse`s head, the last remaining fragment of Charles Web Gilbert`s original Desert Mounted Corps memorial, which stood at Port Said, Egypt until it was destroyed during the Suez Crisis of 1956.