Kellyville Public School Garden of Remembrance

Posted on 2 December 2018
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Kellyville Public School was opened 1873 with more than sixty children living within a two-mile radius of the proposed school site and permission was granted to establish a public school in a building offered by one of the local residents. Garden of Remembrance In 2014/15 Kellyville Public School students, Stage 2 and 3 undertook an ANZAC inquiry project that resulted in the creation of a school Memorial Garden. Students learned about the Kellyville soldiers that served our country and they worked with their teachers to design and build a memorial in honour of them. On the 24th April 2015, Kellyville Public School had their annual ANZAC service. The school captains ran the assembly. After the ceremony, the school captains and teachers saw the unveiling of the Remembrance Garden plaque.  It reads "This plaque is to commemorate the Centenary of the Landing upon the Gallipoli Peninsula at ANZAC cove by Australian Forces". The remembrance garden is filled with purple and white Pansies and will bloom with red poppies, forget-me-nots, the Gallipoli rose and Rosemary, surrounded by miniature Australian flags, planted by students. The school's Remembrance Garden is a tribute to the ANZACs. The Garden of Remembrance was constructed by the Kellyville Public School students, teachers and staff and parents of the students with the assistance from the Castle Hill RSL Sub Branch and community groups. The dedication service took place in the school grounds on 13th November 2017 and remembers All Wars. It can be seen at Kellyville Public School 35A Windsor Road, Kellyville NSW 2155, contact the school for access to the garden of Remembrance and the Kellyville WW1 Memorial. Inscriptions  Plaques on the left wall: - Boer War – First World War – Second World War – Korea Plaques on the middle wall: - Kellyville Public School, Place of Remembrance – This Memorial is Dedicated to the Service Mem and Women of Australia Who Served our Nation - Lest We Forget Plaque on the right wall: - Vietnam – Gulf War – Iraq – Afghanistan Plaque in the centre of the garden: - This Plaque was Unveiled on April 24th, 2015 to Commemorate the Centenary of the landing Upon the Gallipoli Peninsula at ANZAC Cove by Australian Forces on 25th April 1915. Members of The Australian Imperial Force (AIF) land at Gallipoli together with the Troops from New Zealand, Britain and France. This began a Courageous Campaign that ended with the Evacuation of troops on the 19th and 20th of December 1915. Following the Gallipoli, Australian Forces Fought campaigns on the Western Front and in the Middle East.