Design inspirations - Village Green War Memorial

Posted on 24 January 2019
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The designer of the Rockingham War Memorial, McNally Newton Landscape Architects (now trading as Emerge Associates), used a range of inspirations to arrive at the preferred design approach:

There are 14 five metre tall classical stone pillars in a circular form that creates and encloses a formal and stately space emanating a respectful presence. A path bisects the memorial allowing the public to pass directly through the memorial. One of the 14 columns is missing representing those who did not return. The memorials overall circular form mimics a wedding ring acknowledging the hardships of those left behind.

The two sculptured soldiers standing at reversed arms emerge from the two front stone pillars that directly face the ceremonial gathering area. They symbolise our proud military history as one of the physical and figurative pillars of our nationhood. These two figures remind us of the sacrifice and public service of all those who served.

The centre of the memorial space sits the relocated historic memorial stone and plaque that were originally dedicated near to its current site.

The northern entry to the memorial space is dominated by an anchor, an artillery piece and a propeller symbolising our Navy, Army and Air Force services.

The line of floor plaques lists the major conflicts Australia has entered into as a sovereign nation.

The design takes advantage of a level change to elevate the memorial party above the surrounding grass oval which holds public gatherings attending memorial ceremonies. This also allows the memorial party to review the arriving ceremonial parade and includes informal wall seating for veterans.