Inspiration for Remembrance Flame landscape feature

Posted on 21 January 2019
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The designer of the Rockingham Village Green War Memorial (Emerge Associates formally McNally Newton Landscape Architects) were also the designer of the Remembrance Flame landscaping feature.  Both features are on the same reserve title.  In discussions with the Lead Landscape Architect, the following is the background for the inspiration in the creation of this landscaping feature:

  • In discussions with a grandparent of the team, they were shown a Legacy pin, which has the legacy flame symbol on it.
  • The project designers used the badge symbol as an inspiration to create the current design.
  • The design logic was to create a respectful symbol for the people that were “left behind” as a consequence of the various actions Australia was involved in.
  • It was felt that the area was sufficiently far enough away from the War Memorial to be respectful to the memorial.

The landscaping feature can only be seen when viewed from the air or in aerial photographs.