Magill Roll of Honour

Posted on 7 February 2019

A well-attended church parade was held on the Magill Recreation Ground on Sunday 4th February 1917 when the Chief Justice of South Australia (Hon. G. J. R. Murray) unveiled an imposing roll of honour containing the names of nearly 200 men who had gone to the war from the Magill district.

In asking the Chief Justice to unveil the roll, it was known that His Honour was not only a resident of Magill, but that he had been born there. He regarded it as an honour to have been asked to unveil the memorial and was proud that the neighbourhood in which he was born, and to which he still belonged, should have sent so many young men to take part in this Great War. The Chief Justice said it was well that they could commemorate the names of those who had gone from Magill. The men had rendered service to every one present on that day.

On January 16, 1919, a concert in aid of the fund for completing the Roll of Honour board was given in the Magill Institute. The excellent programme was well received by the large audience. About £13 was raised.

Re-located from the Magill Institute to the Magill Returned & Services League (RSL) Hall.