History of the Mundaring War Memorial


In May 1937, the Greenmount Road Board accepted a tender from Whittaker Bros for a 36ft Oregon timber flagpole at a cost of £13/10/- to be placed at the war memorial. It is not known exactly when the rose garden was established, although it is thought that in the late 1930's, some were donated by A.C. McCallum of 'Ballindown' (Site 23), and tended by his gardener Mr. Atkinson. One the names added to the memorial after World War II, was that of Fred Schoch from HMAS Sydney. Fred was the son of Fred Schoch, a long serving headmaster of Parkerville School (Site 72). After World War II, the RSL assumed responsibility for the roses until they became the Shire's concern. In 1995, as part of the Australia Remembers programme to celebrate 50 years from the end of World War II, the war memorial is being re-dedicated.