History of the Grove of the Unforgotten

Posted on 30 August 2019
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The Grove of the Unforgotten is situated within the valley of the unique atmosphere of Araluen Botanic Park, it was built by John Joseph Simons, the founder of the Young Australian League (YAL), with the help of YAL boys to honour the 89 YAL members that died during World War 1. The Grove is a series of 89 terraces framed by 89 pencil pines, one for each soldier. With many of the boys that were lost being part of the musical activities of the League the Grove is also shaped as a lyre, the international symbol of music. Down the centre of it is a cascading waterfall which comes to rest in the Pool of Reflection.

Each year a Remembrance Day service is held within the park to honour those who have fought for our country.

For more information on the Grove or the Remembrance Day event please contact us.

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