The Great Ocean Road - The World's Largest War Memorial

Posted on 22 August 2019

Construction of the Great Ocean Road first began on September 19th 1919.  It was planned as a tourist road and an important connection for remote communities on Victoria's South West coast.  Returned Servicemen were employed on the construction of the Great Ocean Road following World War One. 

During the 13 years it took to construct the road over 3000 men worked on the project and lived in camps between Eastern View and Skenes Creek.  The section of road that was constructed by returned Servicemen was between Eastern View and Cape Patton.  They worked with pick and shovel and explosives to create a feat of engineering in the most rugged of conditions.  Those who worked on it did so in memory of those that fell alongside them during the war and when finished the road, built by returned soldiers, was considered a war memorial to those that served and those that were lost.