King Edward VII banner and plaque

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From Sydney Morning Herald, 18 December 1939:

A ceremony rarely seen in Australia was performed yesterday, when the King Edward Banner of the former Australian Rifles was "laid up" at the foot of the nave of St. Anne's Church, Strathfield.

The King Edward banner was presented to the Australian Rifles (whose successor is the present 4th Battalion at Homebush) by the late King Edward VII in recognition of services rendered by members in the Boer War.

The ceremony was arranged at the request of the Old Comrades' Association of the Australian Rifle Regiment, who have done much to preserve the tradition of the regiment.

In the presence of a colour party, Brigadier General J. Heane carried the banner from the chancel to the altar, where he handed it to Lieutenant-Colonel J. W. Crawford, the commanding officer of the 4th Battalion, who in turn presented it to Colonel A. P. Parsons, of the 2nd A.I.P. The rector, the Rev. W. G. Nisbet, then installed the colour in its permanent repository, where a commemorative tablet provided by the citizens' committee of the 4th Battalion was already in position.