The Australian War Memorial's special exhibition, After the War, explores the personal and societal impact and legacy of war and is coming to a close on 15 September. 

Developed as part of the Memorial’s commemorations of the Armistice that ended the First World War, the exhibition explores the personal and social consequences of war over the past 100 years. It features a wide range of objects, works of art, letters, and documents predominately drawn from the Memorial’s own collection. 

Memorial Director Dr Brendan Nelson said After the War is an emotionally powerful exhibition that deals with complex themes, such as the cost of victory and the aftermath of war for individuals and for the nation.

“These are personal stories of hope, loss, and love. This exhibition is remarkable in its raw honesty about the impact of war, and it poses some vital questions: how do you celebrate a victory at the cost of so many lives? How does a mother rejoice in a victory in which she lost her sons? How do servicemen and servicewomen resume a normal life after witnessing the brutality of war? What is the true, hidden cost of war?" Dr Nelson said. 

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