Avenue of Honour
A memorial avenue of trees, with each tree representing an individual that served. Trees are spaced lineraly and evenly, contrasting against the natural environment.
A mound of stones built as a memorial, often cemented into place, commemorating war, military service or conflict.

For example: One Tree Hill Kokoda Memorial.
A stone pillar that is not tapered. Columns can be square, rectangle or round.

For example: Arncliffe War Memorial.
A monument erected in honour of a group or a person whose remains are buried elsewhere.

For example: Bairnsdale Cenotaph.
A digger is a military slang term for soldiers from Australia or New Zealand. Memorials featuring a statue of a digger are common across Australia.

For example: Southport War Memorial.
Honour Board
A list of names of people who served and died during service printed or carved onto a board. These are commonly erected onto the walls of Memorial Halls, RSLs, schools, local government and company offices. The information displayed on honour boards differ from community to community.
Honour Roll
A list of names of people who served from a community in military conflict. An honour roll is similar to an honour board but can appear in other formats, such as inscribed onto a memorial or listed in a book.
A tapered stone pillar with a square or rectangular cross-section.
Roll of Honour
A list of names of people from a community that died during military service.
The Returned and Services League, Australia, is a support organisation for men and women who have served or are serving in the Defence Force. The State and Territory branches of the RSL support the many RSL Sub-branches across Australia.
Trophies of war are military artefacts that were used or captured in conflict. Tanks, artillery and vehicles are common trophies of war. However, not all trophies are memorials.

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