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Our guides help you contribute to the Places of Pride website.

How to create your Places of Pride account

Welcome and thank you for being a part of the Places of Pride website.

To contribute to the Places of Pride website you need to create an account.

There are two stages to creating and registering you account.

  1. Complete the online user registration form - you will need to include your email address and select a display name for your account.
  2. Once you submit the online form we will send you a link to your email address. This link will allow you to set your password and confirm your account.

Step-by-Step guide to creating an account

  1. Go to 'Create new account'
  2. Enter your email address.

    All emails from Places of Pride will be sent to this address. The email address is not made public.
  3. Enter your ‘display name’. You must fill this in however, when you add to the website you can decide whether your displayed name is shown with your contributions. If you do not want to show your display name you can chose to be anonymous.
  4. If you are an official representative of a RSL sub-branch, school or community organisation, add the organisation name.
  5. If you wish you can upload a display picture. This picture will be displayed with your published photos, videos and stories.
  6. Read the Places of Pride Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Moderation Policy.
  7. After entering the above information press ‘Create New Account’

Confirming your Places of Pride account

  1. You will be sent an email to the email address you provided. The email will contain a link which you must click to complete your registration.
  2. Click on the link provided in the email.
  3. Click on ‘Login’
  4. Enter a password within the password field
  5. Reenter your password
  6. Click ‘Save’
  7. You can now login to Places of Pride with your email address and password.

How to add a memorial

Before you add to Places of Pride, check the memorial against the criteria below.

A war memorial is any physical object, building or area that commemorates Australian military service in conflict and at times of peace.

Types of war memorials

There are many types of war memorials listed on Places of Pride, including:

  • Monuments
    • Obelisk
    • Cenotaph
    • Sculpture
    • Gate
    • Stone
    • Wall
    • Clock
    • Flagpole
    • Fountain
  • Boards
    • Honour Board
    • Roll of Honour
  • Living memorials
    • Memorial Tree
    • Avenue of Honour
    • A Lone Pine
  • Community Buildings and Areas
    • Memorial Hall
    • Bowling Club
    • Memorial Swimming Pool
    • Memorial Garden

What isn’t a war memorial?

There are many military objects and places that are connected to Australia’s most significant conflicts, but not all of these are memorials.

Items of war

Items of war, such as tanks and cannons, are often not memorials, however if they are regarded by a community as a symbol of commemoration, they are welcome to be added to Places of Pride.

War cemeteries and graves

We are currently not accepting contributions of war cemeteries or graves. On some occasions, war cemeteries within Australia contain a war memorial or roll of honour within the grounds and these will be accepted on Places of Pride.

Submitting a war memorial

Add a war memorial to Places of Pride, if it is:

  • located within Australia
  • not yet listed on Places of Pride
  • It is accessible to the public*

* Seek permission before submitting memorials, such as honour boards, in schools, churches and on private property.

Adding memorial information

To add a memorial, you need:

  • To log in or create a Places of Pride account
  • Click on 'Add a memorial'
  • Enter the name of the memorial
  • Enter the address, town or suburb
  • Move the map pin to the memorial location

You can also add other key information, such as:

  • Type of memorial
  • Conflicts commemorated
  • Date dedicated
  • Date built
  • Memorial designer

Once the memorial has been added you can add:

  • Photographs of the memorial
  • Stories about the memorial

How to add photos

Every memorial on the Places of Pride website has its own page and gallery of photos and stories.

Before you submit a photograph, please make sure you are following our guidelines and policies before adding to the Places of Pride website. 

You should read:

What type of photos can be submitted to a war memorial page?

You should add photographs of the war memorial, including:

  • The memorial including the top and base
  • Images showing different parts of the memorial
  • Historical before/after changes
  • Individual plaques and inscriptions
  • Commemorative services at the memorial location

Photographs - technical specifications

At a minimum:

  • Photos should be 600x600 pixels each (about the size of a post-it note)
  • Must be in a digital format (png; gif; jpg; jpeg)
  • Must be of reasonable quality (not be blurry, have adequate lighting)

At a maximum:

  • Photographs can be up to 12MB each
  • There is no pixel resolution limit

How to add a photo

  1. Log in into your account. If you do not have one, create an account.
  2. Search for the memorial on the homepage and navigate to the memorial page
  3. On the memorial page, click ‘add a photo’
  4. Follow the submission form to add a relevant photo
  5. Your photo will be approved by the Places of Pride and appear on the memorial page.

Before your photos are published

All photos are checked by the Places of Pride team before appearing on the website.

Our Moderation Policy provides more information.

Photos on war memorial pages

  • All approved photos are displayed in the gallery on the memorial page
  • Photos are also displayed in each user’s profile where they are able to see the moderation process
  • Photographs are displayed and attributed to your display name
  • If you wish, you may submit a photograph to display as ‘anonymous’

Images can also be displayed as the cover image of the war memorial. Cover photos are the images that sit up the top of the memorial pages to represent the memorial

All images, including cover photos, are displayed in a gallery on the memorial page.

How to write for places of pride

Thank you for your interest in writing for Places of Pride.

We are keen to explore the stories of the people listed on memorials throughout the country. Perhaps they are your family members, family friends or just someone in your community.

Over 1.5 million Australian men and women served in eight major wars or conflicts during the twentieth century.

More than 100,000 people died in action, more than 200,000 were wounded and more than 30,000 were taken as prisoners of war.

We want to know who they really were. Can you help?

What we are looking for

  • Stories about a specific person, where they were from, what they did, their hopes and ambitions, and what was special about them
  • A photograph of the person that is either publicly available or you have permission to share, OR a photograph of a momento of theirs such as a letter or medal
  • No more than 500 words (1 page)
  • Links to any references you used

How we will use your stories

  • Stories will be added to relevant memorial pages
  • Stories may feature on the Places of Pride homepage and in social media
  • Stories may feature in other Places of Pride marketing communications

How to submit your stories

There are two ways you can submit stories to Places of Pride:

  • Copy and paste them from a Word document into a specific memorial page
  • Email us with your story inside the body of the email or attach a Word document. Don’t forget to link to the relevant memorial page

Before publishing

  • All stories and photos are checked by the Places of Pride team before appearing on the website
  • Please read our Terms of Use and Moderation Policy before adding to our website


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