Moderation Policy

All content on the Places of Pride, National Register of War Memorials website is governed by this moderation policy and is managed by the Australian War Memorial.

Moderation is the review of user generated content and the decision to publish, edit or delete the content or at times to engage with users of the website.

Moderation of the website aims to ensure that content is appropriate, suitable and does not cause offence.

Content includes:

  • any text,
  • memorial map locations;
  • photographs,
  • videos,
  • audio,
  • hyperlinks, or
  • other documents.

Moderation process

The website uses pre-moderation - where all content must first be approved by our moderators before appearing on the site

The following content is subject to pre-moderation:

  • When submitting a memorial which does not currently appear on the website
  • a photo, story, or other content to the Places of Pride website;
  • edits to existing content;
  • any issue to which the moderators have been specifically alerted;
  • any content which violates the website’s Terms of Use including the Submission Guidelines.

Users will receive an email notifying then when their content is approved and available on the website.

Pre-moderation requires the Australian War Memorial to review content and therefore it may take a few days before content appears on the website. Wherever possible, pre-moderation will be completed within five business days.

If a user’s content is deemed unsuitable and therefore not approved for publication on the website, the user will be notified by the Australian War Memorial.

The Australian War Memorial will consider any correspondence from the user in related to the submitted content and reserves the right to make the final decision on publication to the website.

Any content submitted to website is subject to the moderation process and we reserve the right to edit, remove or alter submissions without notice.

Rules for submitting content to the Places of Pride website

It is the intent of the Australia War Memorial to ensure that the website is a safe environment for all visitors.

We have the right to edit or remove any content submitted by a user. This can include, but not be limited to:

  • Personal attacks on other users or Australian War Memorial staff
  • Personal information about any of the other participants or Australian War Memorial staff
  • Offensive language including profanity
  • Comments that are discriminatory of people’s gender, race, religion, culture, sexual preference, appearance or background
  • Links to any advertising or illegal material
  • Spamming of comments
  • Rude, disrespectful or dismissive comments
  • Content that is irrelevant to the subject
  • Content that does or may contravene any law or relevant policy.

You should:

  • Add constructive comments and contribute to respectful discussions
  • Post content that suitable for all audiences (including young children)
  • Ensure you have received permission to post any images of other people (including in photos of videos) or material in which a third party has intellectual property or moral rights
  • Not create spam on the website by posting irrelevant content or by re-posting your own content more than once without good reason
  • Ensure that you comply with the Submission Guidelines

Users will be notified if they have breached this Moderation Policy or the website’s Terms of Use. Any user who continues to breach the Moderation Policy or Terms of Use will have their account terminated.

Although content is subject to the Moderation Policy and process the Australian War Memorial takes no responsibility in verifying the accuracy of the content submitted. Please see our Disclaimer Notice.

If you believe there is inaccuracy or content causing offence, please notify the Australian War Memorial by email

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