Rocky Creek War Memorial Park


Author: Brian Rowe

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The Rocky Creek War Memorial Park is dedicated to military personnel who served in the Pacific theatre of operations during World War II and the National Servicemen who have served Australia. 

The park is located on part of what was once the largest medical military centre in the southern hemisphere during World War II. It was made up of two 1,200 bed hospitals, a dedicated malaria ward, convalescent facilities, general support services and an entertainment "igloo". 

Over 2,000 staff were based in the region providing treatment and support services to wounded and sick allied personnel. It is estimated that around 60,000 patients passed through the facility between 1942 and 1945. 

The facility was progressively decommissioned shortly after the war ended. 

For almost 50 years the site lay abandoned and forgotten until it was "rediscovered" in 1993. A War Memorial Park was dedicated in August 1995 and has come to subsequently commemorate the sacrifices and efforts of those who have and continue to serve in Australia's Defence Forces. Over 100 individual unit memorial plaques are located in the park.

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