Ross War Memorial


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The Ross War Memorial stands very conspicuously and proudly at the main intersection of Church and Bridge Streets, more commonly known as the four corners of Ross.

It commemorates and pays tribute to 118 men from the district who enlisted and served in the Boer War (1), World War One (61), World War Two (54) and Korea (2).

The memorial dates back to when the Boer War Memorial to Trooper A E Fitzallen was publicly unveiled on 16 December 1903. That memorial was later moved to its present position beside the BL 15 Pounder Mark 1 No. 788 Anglo-Boer War Field Gun and the World War One Soldier's Memorial which was dedicated on 15 March 1925.

Two memorial stones commemorating World War Two and the Korean War, and a Plaque honouring Lewis McGee VC complete this magnificent memorial.

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