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World War 1

Fundraising began in January of 1919 for the Soldiers Memorial in Mitiamo.  Terricks, Wanurp, Pine Grove and part of Milloo had given their help in the effort.  The site chosen for the Soldiers Memorial was on vacant land on the corner opposite McNeill’s Hotel.  Tenders were called for in June 1919 for the erection of a memorial complete with lettering of about 90 names, with 180 pounds on hand for the purpose.

By November 1st 1919, the soldiers’ memorial was unveiled by Mrs Whitfield, as the band played the National Anthem.

The base has a mound surrounded by granite. On this stands a pedestal of marble about four feet in height, the four sides of which are fifteen inches across and arched.  Under each arch are the Union Jack and the Australian ensign in outline, and under these the names of men who left the district for the war.  Surmounting this is the female figure with a fold of her robe full of flowers held by the right hand, while the left hand is extended and holds a single flower.  The head is slightly bowed, the face looking downwards.  At her side is a scroll, bearing the words, Pro Deo Et Patria (For God and Country) and at her feet is the word ‘Remembrance’.

Upon the plinth of the column is the inscription, “Erected by the residents of Mitiamo and District in honour of the men who answered their country’s call in the great war of 1914-1919.”

This female figure is rare and is not thought to be at any other War Memorial site in Victoria and she is to be found at very few other sites throughout the rest of Australia.

World War 2

The largest and most representative gathering of citizens seen in Mitiamo for many years met in the Public Hall on Victory Night June 1946 to welcome home the forty-one servicemen and women of the district. 

A framed certificate was presented to all of the returned service men and women by representatives of their respective Shires, and a travelling rug was also given to each as a gift of the citizens.

Two granite pillars were erected at the entrance of the path to the Memorial.  They bear the inscriptions 1939 and 1945.  They were erected by the citizens of Mitiamo and District after local fundraising efforts, as a permanent reminder and thanks to the residents of the area who went to World War 2.

The granite boulder and bronze plaque bearing the names of the WW2 service men and women is an exact replica of the original list of names on the large wooden Honour Roll in the Mitiamo Hall. This granite rock and plaque, to the left of the statue, were added to the site in late 2008.

The granite rock and plaque on the right were privately added to the site by the family of fallen soldier Harry Clarke, whose name bears the inscription.

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