The Friendship


The Bugler

Author: Faithe Jones

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In January 2014, Peter Teakle was presented with a World Champion Black Marlin trophy in Fort Lauderdale (USA). On his return to Port Lincoln, Peter discovered the small statue was hand crafted by Bodo Muche, who lives in Queensland. Since then, Peter has asked Bodo to produce ten Tuna and Marlin statues, plus this one of 'The Bugler'. This extraordinary piece of at is the result of a friendship between a business man/philanthropist and a very talented sculptor.

'The Bugler' was donated by Peter Teakle to honour the men and women who came from Eyre Peninsula to serve our country. For a region with such a small population, the number of courageous people who represented us, along with a number of horses from here, is extraordinary. This statue is to honour every single one of them, so their memory and courage lives on.

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