Splendor Rock (bushwalkers war memorial in Blue Mountains)


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Nearly 200 bushwalkers from Clubs of the NSW Federation of Bushwalking Clubs (now Bushwalking NSW - BNSW) served in WWII. Campaigns included Bomber Command to North Africa to the Pacific Region (including Singapore and New Guinea). 

Sadly, thirteen (13) bushwalkers did not return. They are remembered at this memorial plaque at Mt Dingo in the Blue Mountains. The plaque was installed in February 1948 but not dedicated until the following ANZAC Day in the presence of around 140 bushwalkers. 

Since then, ANZAC Day Dawn Services have occurred on significant anniversaries such as 10, 25 and 40 years. From 1992 onwards, there has been a regular ANZAC Dawn Service.

This bushwalkers war memorial and its remote site is unique in Australia. Access is via an overnight bushwalk. A visitors logbook shows that walkers have come from all over the world to visit this special place.

In 2014, Splendour Rock was added to the NSW register of war memorials maintained by the State Library of NSW.

See the URL below for links to details of the fallen bushwalkers remembered at Splendour Rock plus the war memorials register of the State Library of NSW.


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