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R Foster and L West were decorated with the Distinguished Conduct Medal for Gallantry.

R Foster - DCM Recommendation: For continuous good work and devotion to duty.

During the very trying period when the Battalion was in the line near Flers, he was carrying rations to the front line. He was always the first to volunteer to take the place of sick men and worked without rest during most of this time.

On December 3rd 1916, during one of these trips, the approaches to the Battalion lines were being heavily shelled. After delivering the rations he came across a wounded man, who was being attended to by stretcher bearers of another Battalion.

He immediately volunteered and helped to carry the wounded man to the aid post, through the fire and across the open. He has always shown a fine example to the men under him. He has had service in Gallipoli, Egypt and France, and has been absent from his unit only for a little while in hospital, on account of wounds received on 19th July 1916 at Fleurbaix.


R Foster - DCM Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty.

He has consistently shown great gallantry when under heavy fire, and has at all times set a splendid example to his men.

London Gazette  9th July 1917


L West - DCM Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when in charge of carrying parties.

He continued carrying after thirty six hours continuous work, with all his party casualties. He proceeded in his work until the companies he was carrying for were supplied with water, although several times nearly blown up by shells bursting close to him.

London Gazette 25th August 1917

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