4686 SGT Bert Garnet Redding DCM 54th Inf Bn


4868 Company Sergeant Major Bert Garnet Redding DCM

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Bert Garnet Redding

Appointed to the West Maitland Volunteer Brigade, 15th September 1914

Resigned for "Military Service" 30th September 1915


4868 Company Sergeant Major Bert Garnet Redding DCM.

Enlisted: 12th August 1915, "B" Company, 54th Battalion, Australian Infantry

Died of Wounds 2nd October 1918. Buried: Doingt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, France


Distinguished Conduct Medal

British War Medal

Victory Medal

Recommendation for the Distinguished Conduct Medal - 4868 Sergeant Bert Garnet Redding, 54th Australian Infantry Battalion

At Peronne during operations on 1st/2nd September 1918, for gallant leadership and devotion to duty.

No officer being available, this NCO was detailed for liaison with the Battalion on the left. In the assault line throughout the day, he repeatedly saved the situation.

Strong enemy resistance caused a bad break in our line at the intersection of the two Battalions; most of the officers in the vicinity had become casualties. Realising the desperate nature of the situation, this NCO with superb coolness and under withering machine gun fire, collected a number of men of both Battalions, brilliantly cleared the local opposition and filled the gap in the assaulting line, thus turning a serious check into an advantage.

Blown up by a heavy shell, wounded and unconscious for a time, he continued throughout the action to be of invaluable to the one remaining officer of this Company. He organised prisoners into stretcher parties, collected SAA, bombs and food. He was a tower of strength, cheerfulness and resource contributing very largely to the success on this sector of the front.


London Gazette Citation - 10th January 1920

His Majesty the KING has been graciously pleased to approve of the award of the Distinguished Conduct Medal to the undermentioned Warrant Officers, Non – Commissioned Officers and Men for acts of gallantry and devotion to duty in the field.

For fine leadership and gallantry at Peronne 1st and 2nd September, 1918. This WO was detailed as liaison with the battalion on the left. When hostile resistance caused a break in the line and the officers had become casualties, he with great coolness collected men of both battalions and brilliantly cleared the local opposition, refilling the gap in the assaulting line.

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