Celebrating Smoky.


Author: Tracey Barton

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There have been many books written about Smoky. If you would like to read more about her, some books are:

* Yorkie Doodle Dandy: a Memoir by William A Wynne

* Smoky the War Dog by Nigel Allsopp

* Smoky the Brave by Damien Lewis


Smoky has several memorials dedicated to her in USA, Australia (outside the Education Centre within the RBWH grounds just off Bowen Bridge Road in Brisbane, Queensland) and France.


Smoky has been the recipient of several awards recognising her war-time feats and heroism. She was awarded:

* the PDSA Certificate to Animal Bravery or Devotion in 2011 from UK.

* the RSPCA Purple Cross Award in 2015 from Australia.

* the US War Dogs Association Military Working Dog Service Award in 2017 from US.


Smoky has a living memorial too. Every year in America the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue recognises Yorkies who have been abandoned and rescued into loving homes. It is called the Smoky Award.

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