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Updated War Memorial Plaque, 1st December 1974

Author: St. Michael's War Memorial Church Ashgrove

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The first St. Michael's War Memorial Church was established in 1952 when a house was bought for the purpose pending the building of a purpose-built Church in June, 1953. Prior to the establishment of the Church, military men and their families were bused to St. Finnbar's to attend church services but as the transport arrangements became overloaded, the Bishop decided that a new parish was needed closer to Enoggera Barracks.

The Parish Council headed up by Fr. Samuel Hunter and Parishioner Mr. Neal Connolly arranged with the Taxation Office at the time for the building fund and Church to be dedicated as a War Monument to those who fought in World War II. This Church was completed as wooden building in 1953 and is today the Parish Hall which was re-located to the lower level of the property in1973.

This title was transferred to the new brick Church which was completed in 1975 and a plaque was erected at the entrance of the Church re-dedicating the monument as 'In Memory of All Those Who Died in Defence of Australia' remembering those of course, who had returned from Korea and more recently, Vietnam.


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