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Nearly every town across Australia has its own war memorial. They range from small monuments – perhaps a stained glass window in a church – to community halls and swimming pools. Places of Pride, the National Register of War Memorials, is an Australian War Memorial initiative to record the location and photo of every publicly accessible war memorial in Australia. In Episode 22 of Collected Louise Maher finds out how the project works and meets a volunteer who has contributed over 400 memorials to the site


Anzac Day 2019
Dawn l
ive stream from memorials around Australia 


Anzac Day 2020 was very different. Due to the Covid pandemic public gatherings at local memorials did not take place.


On the morning of 25 April, we streamed live from selected Places of Pride around the country to remember those who have served and the sacrifices made by so many.


We streamed live just before first light in each of the following locations:

·      Anzac Square, Brisbane

·      Anzac Memorial, Sydney

·      Australian War Memorial, Canberra

·      War Memorial (Cenotaph), Hobart

·      Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne

·      National War Memorial, Adelaide

·      Cenotaph War Memorial, Darwin


 *Due to restrictions currently in place, there will be no live stream from Western Australia.