Soldiers Memorial Park

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Memorial Name:
Soldiers Memorial Park

Memorial Drive
Port Pirie West SA 5540

Memorial Type:
  • First World War, 1914–18
Dedication Date:
Memorial Designer:
Mr. A. W. Pelzer
Closed to public access

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Image: 'Battle of Fromelles', artist Charles Wheeler, 1922-25. Depicts a panoramic view of the Sugarloaf Salient area at Fromelles, with men of 5th Division AIF crossing No Man's Land towards the German trenches. Shell bursts and explosions can be seen above the landscape.

Private Joseph Bottrall, 32nd Battalion, AIF

Joseph Bottrall was born on 5 February 1881, the fifth of nine children to Mary and Charles Bottrall, in Black Spring, north of Adelaide in South Australia.

Author: Australian War Memorial

Male and female staff using an 'inhalatorium' at the Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd factory in Abbotsford.

Soldiers’ Memorial Park Inhalatorium

In January 1919, during the Spanish Flu epidemic, an inhalatorium was established in the north-east corner of Soldiers’ Memorial Park fronting Gertrude Street.

Author: Port Pirie Memorials

School children in slit trench

Slit trenches

Japan's entry into the Second World War roused a sudden desire for certitude of safety among the civilians of Port Pirie.

Author: Port Pirie Memorials


Soldiers' Memorial Park

“There was a thoroughly representative attendance at the meeting last night held to arrange preliminary details in connection with the scheme for transforming the Central Parkla

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